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Flowers on the Razorwire

Celestial Dreams of a Nightmarish World

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Name:Flowers on the Razorwire
Website:Flowers on the Razorwire @ LJ
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Community description:Mys' home for wayward fic- Spander, Dean/Castiel, Arthur/Merlin, and the ocassional guest pairing.

*waves* I’m Mys to most ppl, and this is a home for my wayward fanfic, lol.
This will mainly be for Dean/Castiel-SPN, Spander-Whedon!verse, and Arthur/Merlin-Merlin, though I have been known to play with Torchwood, Dark Angel, Criminal Minds, and Smallville (‘cause Brainy and Jason are adorable!).

If you have a problem with vamps, the undead, blasphemy, human/angel lovin', the butchering of Arthurian Legend, or SLASH run away, NOW!!!

My graphics and slightly psychotic collection of caps will remain at Mystic Artefacts- sometimes there’s just toooooooooooo much to move, lol.

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